Sunday, January 5, 2014

Submissive for Real Men

I found a really interesting blog done by a twenty-something sissy from Boston. He calls it Sissies-Obey-Real-Men. I like it so much I gave him a free copy of Leslie's Destiny.

His blog is here:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas! If we connected on the Collar Me site, you might notice I'm no longer there. We disagreed on the TOS and I decided to leave rather than conform. No hard feelings, they own the site and make the rules. You conform, or you leave. You can reach me here if you so choose. I hope you had a great Christmas and an even better 2014!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chastity: Creating a Stepford Husband

When Kim Pierce’s therapist told her, that her husband Kirk was exhibiting the classic signs of addiction, she said it was impossible. “Kirk rarely drinks. If he was on drugs, I’d notice the money.”
“Internet pornography is the fastest growing addiction in the U.S. among white males,” Dr. Grant said. “Internet pornography provides sexual arousal and stimulation, much the same way cocaine and other drugs do. The addict no longer has control of his behavior. Bold, positive steps must be taken to control the addict’s behavior, which include, removing or regulating access to the internet and controlling the addict’s ability to self-pleasure, and orgasm.”
“And how is that accomplished?”
“We need to control his masturbation. I don’t like the potential side effects of Depo-Provera and other pharmaceuticals that inhibit erections. I much prefer a mechanical barrier.”
“Mechanical barrier?”
“A chastity device, a form-fitted metal cage that encircles the penis, and is locked in place. He won’t be able to get an erection while wearing it, and he won’t be able to stimulate himself while his penis is encased in stainless steel.” Kim uses Dr. Grant’s system of forced chastity and behavior modification, to turn her husband into the perfect, devoted husband. A 13,000 word novelette.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and other fine online retailers.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sold in the Slave Market of Algiers -- From Able Seaman to Feminized Slave The Tale of Jacob West 

Wispy, blond-haired, Jacob West, found work on his uncle’s merchant ship Mercury, after his father was killed. He was nineteen, a grown man, but could have passed for thirteen, with a smooth, pretty face more suited for a young girl. But Jacob was the first out of his hammock when all hands was called, he forced himself to climb the rigging without looking down, he never complained about the lack of sleep or nonstop calls to enter the rigging, and kept his mouth shut unless he was asked a question. The kicks, blows with a rope’s end, and insults stopped after the first week, when he carried on instead of complaining. By the end of the second week, his messmates were saving his biscuit and salt-pork if he was last-man-down the mainmast. By the end of his first month, they treated the slim, smooth-faced lad, like a like one of their own. Blown off course by a mistral, they lose their convoy and their Royal Navy escort. Mercury is attacked by Barbary pirates and the crew taken prisoner. Jacob brings a fine price as he stands naked in the slave market of Algiers. Limited to only four wives, rich men of Algiers buy feminine looking men and keep them for entertainment. Jacob learns to please Ismail Abdullah, learns the seductive dance of the bacha bazi, and waits for his opportunity to escape. A 14,000 word novella.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Craving Chastity by Dana Drake

I daydreamed on the drive home from work, thinking about Rich’s comments. It never occurred to me that Monique wanting to see me with a man was a power thing. I thought it was humiliation. I drove right past the liquor store. Monique told me to pick up a bottle of Scotch whiskey for her to give a coworker as a retirement gift. We were attending a party for him at a bar downtown. I was so wrapped up in thought that I drove right by the store. Monique was fixing a salad when I walked in from the garage.
“Where is the bottle of Scotch?”
“Oh, shoot. I was so wrapped up, that I completely forgot about it.” Her expression darkened into one I’d never seen.
“You forgot to pick up my suit from the cleaners on Saturday. I think you need a reminder to focus on your responsibilities.”
“I’m sorry, Monique. I’ll run back out and get it.”
“You’re right you will; but not before I punish you.” I stared at her, stunned at the way she was talking to me. “Come with me.” She marched up the stairs to the spare bedroom. I followed her, feeling a mixture of regret for disappointing her, and fear. I’d never seen Monique angry. It was a side I didn’t know existed. “Undress,” she said standing beside a red leather hassock with her arms crossed over her chest. She’d changed into black slacks and a white blouse after work, to join her coworkers for drinks at seven.
I felt clumsy undressing in the room and fumbled with the buttons on my shirt. “You’re not helping your case, Jason,” she snapped. I felt naked all of a sudden, even though I’d stopped wearing clothes at home almost two months before. “Kneel down and bend over the hassock.”
“What are you doing, Monique?” I heard her slide my belt out of my slacks.
“I’m disciplining you so you’ll focus.” She brought the doubled-up belt down hard across my buttocks. I cried out, more out of surprise than pain. The second blow hurt more than the first.
“Please, Monique.” SLAP. “Please stop.” SLAP “I’ll concentrate, I’ll do better.” SLAP, SLAP. She moved, to get my left buttock. SLAP. It hurt. I felt my penis begin to twitch and stiffen. It swelled, but was checked by its steel prison. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. She hit me a dozen times, hard. I was bracing for more when she dropped my belt.
“Get dressed and go the store. I’m leaving in forty-five minutes. You’re staying home as part of your punishment.” I listened to her heels on the oak staircase as I rubbed my stinging buttocks. I dressed quickly and bolted out the door without saying goodbye. I got back with ten minutes to spare, set the bottle and a gift bag I’d picked up on the table, and found Monique at her makeup table. I stood at the door.
“I apologize for letting you down today.” I kind of choked up. She stared at the mirror. “I’m sorry. I won’t let you down again.” She rose from her chair and walked past me without saying anything. I was going to follow her downstairs and apologize some more, but thought better of it. I undressed and went downstairs after I heard the garage door close.
I felt perfectly natural being naked and kneeling at her feet, wearing only a stainless steel chastity device. Being surrounded by a half-dozen female strangers somehow didn’t bother me. Submitting to a strong, beautiful woman just felt right. She had become my anchor. She brought order into my life, when it was careening out of control. Monique’s friends seemed totally nonplussed. Perhaps they were in female led marriages too, and were used to being waited on by nude, chaste men, and demanded and expected total obedience and submission from their partners. A 16,000-word novella about female-led-marriage and male submission. Available on Amazon

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Smokin Hot Tranny

I write about forced feminization, cross dressing, and blurring gender definitions.

Nikki J. Madison lives it-- real life in real time. She has a fantastic blog:

 The Kinky Adventures of Nikki J. Madison

Check her out!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Woman Inside Him -- A coming of age novella that blurs gender definitions

A young, tattooed man was having anal sex with a pretty, blonde woman on the 120-inch screen. Tom studied Dale as he stood at the door, wondering if he should go in or turn and run. Tom muted the movie and motioned him forward. Dale walked tentatively in the wedge sandals and stopped five feet in front of Tom. “Turn and let me see you from behind.” Dale blushed as he spun slowly around. “Come here.” Tom smelled of Scotch whisky, but was clear-eyed and definitely not tipsy. “Care for a drink?”
“Sure, I’m pretty nervous.” Tom patted the bench seat.
“Sit down.” He dropped two ice cubes in a tumbler and splashed light brown whiskey into it. He handed it to Dale and settled next to him on the seat. Dale jumped when Tom ran his fingers lightly over his thigh. “Ever been with a man?” Dale swallowed hard.
“No.” The word barely made it out of his lips.
“By the look of the bulge in that teddy, you want to.”
“I don’t know, Tom. I guess I’m scared.” Tom put his drink down and pulled Dale onto his lap.
“I was mad enough to kill you an hour ago. Now when I say I’m not going to hurt you, I mean it.” The wedge sandals dropped onto the floor. Tom ran his fingers over Dale’s smooth legs and caressed his left foot. “You’re very beautiful, Dale.” He caressed Dale’s upper arm, raising gooseflesh. He brushed Dale’s hair off his cheek and pulled him forward. Their first kiss was gentle, even romantic. Dale closed his eyes and relaxed his body as the big man took control of him. He didn’t resist when Tom pulled the teddy over his head, leaving him naked and vulnerable.
Tom pulled his tee shirt over his head and dropped his shorts onto the floor. Dale stared at his muscular body and tight fitting black underwear. His package looked huge. “Take them off.” Dale knelt in front of Tom and tugged at the black cotton briefs. Tom Reed was all man and all hard muscle. His thick, cut cock came to life as soon as the air hit it. Dale almost gasped as it began to swell. “Get to know it, sweetheart. It’s going to get to know you.” Dale leaned in, an inch from the beast. Tom shaved his scrotum and trimmed his pubic hair, exposing his large, low-hanging balls. Dale breathed in his musky scent and tentatively brought the large, mushroom-shaped head to his lips. “Ever sucked a cock, Dale?”
“No,” he whispered.
“Not yet,” Tom said as Dale pressed his lips against his spongy flesh. The shaft was hard, eight-inches, and had a large vein running along the top. The head was spongy, soft, and pliable. Dale opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around Tom’s flesh. The salty taste of pre-cum, musky man scent, and hard flesh created the perfect storm in Dale’s head. I am a cock-sucking tranny, he told himself. He grabbed his own hard cock and began to masturbate himself.
Tom lifted him up by the shoulders, turned him around, and made him kneel on the padded bench, with his elbows on the backrest. Dale gasped as he felt Tom’s big hands spread his buttocks, and strong fingers massage his anus. “Oh, god,” Dale said out loud as Tom knelt behind him and pressed his tongue against the pink ring of flesh. “Oh, god that feels good, Tom.” The big man caressed his smooth legs and buttocks as he worked over Dale’s ass hole with his tongue. Dale arched his back and pressed back.
Dale looked over his shoulder when Tom suddenly stopped pleasuring him. He watched the big man spread lube over his stiff cock, tear open a gold foil pack, and roll a condom over his penis. His cock was massive, even bigger than Evelyn’s black dildo. He spread lube over the condom and then fingered Dale, first sticking in one finger, then two, then three. Tom draped a towel over the bench seat and sat down on it. He held Dale by the hips and moved him so that he straddled Tom’s thick, muscled thighs. “I want you to do this at your own pace, Dale.” Tom sucked on Dale’s nipples as he reached behind his back and guided Tom’s cock between his slick butt-cheeks. He rocked and rotated his hips, tightening and then loosening his sphincter muscle, easing himself down on Tom’s flesh pole.
Tom held him gently, almost reverently. So this is how a gentleman treats a lady. Where did the anger go? An hour ago he was ready to kill me. Dale raised and lowered his bottom until his buttocks was flat against Tom’s thighs. “I need a kiss, Tom, please.” Their tongues danced a ballet as Dale rocked on Tom’s hard cock, luxuriating in the feel of Tom’s hairy chest and hard muscles against his smooth skin. Tom held him close, and stood without pulling out. Dale wrapped his long legs around Tom’s waist. Tom turned and gently lay Dale on the bench, pulled Dale’s feet to his chest and began fucking Dale with a slow, easy rhythm. Dale’s smooth skin and painted toenails contrasted with Tom’s beefy, hairy chest.
“I’m going to come, now, Tom, Dale said in a throaty whisper.” Dale masturbated himself and closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensation of Tom’s massive cock sliding in and out of his anus. Tom kissed his toes as he climaxed, spurting semen over his chest. Tom pulled out, removed the condom, and leaned over Dale’s supine body.
“Open up.” Dale opened his mouth as the big man closed his eyes and masturbated himself. Dale willingly, even greedily, took Tom’s huge load. He’d never tasted semen before and it thrilled him to the bone. He waited for Tom to open his eyes to slightly open his mouth and then swallow. He wanted Tom to see it. Tom collapsed on the bench and pulled Dale to him. “You were good, Dale.” Dale leaned against Tom’s firm body.
“So were you.”