Wednesday, December 3, 2014

by Dana Drake

Forty-four year old Cameron Richards doesn’t look a day over thirty-four. He played championship lacrosse in college and now is one of the most successful real estate brokers in Washington, DC. He’s also an egotistical misogynist, who treats his female staff with indifference bordering contempt. When a blackmail letter arrives outlining his method of securing mortgages in the names of fictitious people, in order to buy and flip properties, he’s helpless and agrees to meet their demands. He’s feminized, forced to wear women’s clothing, declare himself a transsexual and change the name of his company. When his staff takes him out on the town, a handsome Marine officer takes an interest in Cam... now Cammy. 13,000 words. Available in the Kindle Store, Smashwords  and other online book stores.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fairy Shaking

Fairy Shaking-- by Dana Drake

When Mark Richards finds a ticket and a note from a police officer on his windshield, he’s worried. He was parked outside a gay nightclub at a trans-BDSM show. He lies when the officer asks if he was in the club, but comes clean when the officer offers to call his wife and ask if she was. The officer shows up at Mark’s home as he arrives home from work as a school teacher, and stalks him the first night he ventures out dressed as Marcia. He confronts Mark and tells him about “fairy shaking,” by unscrupulous cops in the old days, when being outed meant the end of career and family. “They’d check the cars outside clubs and bathhouses and ticket ones from the suburbs with child seats and soccer balls in the back. Then they’d call and offer to make the ticket go away—for a price.”

“Is that what you want-- money?” Mark asks.

“No,” the officer says smiling. “I want you to be my girlfriend.” Mark loses control and is totally feminizedby Detective Manual Esteban, a tall, scary-handsome policeman. About 12,000 words. Available at on-line e-book stores everywhere.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Here is a young man who gets it. He understands how powerful a tool a chastity device can be in controlling a man. He also understands that tactile deprivation of a pleasure center, causes the body to shift its location. Just as a person who loses the use of their hands can develop incredible dexterity with their toes, diminishing the penis with a chastity device stimulates the nerve endings in the anus to transmit sensations to the brain. In time, anal orgasms replace those brought on by stimulating the penis.

Frock Magazine

I stumbled on a fairly new, FREE, online magazine that caters to transwomen and those who love them. It's called Frock. I am NOT affiliated with the magazine in any way. I think the publisher participates in the Goodreads Feminization Fanatics discussion group (trans and forced-fem fiction), and even follows this blog at times.
The current issue has some interesting articles such as "Five Passing Mistakes You Must Avoid," and "Obtaining a Female Voice." They also have an online Frock TV channel which I haven't gotten around to viewing. It's a glossy magazine that looks great and it's free!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Think You Understand the Market? How Much are You Willing to Bet?

When Frank Richards gets a hot tip and sells a tech company’s stock short, he’s sure he’ll make a killing-- until his broker calls. “You sold at eighty-five and a half,” his broker said. “I bought shares back at a hundred and ten.” Frank’s legs get rubbery. “That’s twenty-five dollars a share,” Frank said. “Right, times ten-thousand shares. I need you to make arrangements for payment. You’re way over your credit limit.” Frank is forced to get a loan from Elliott Spangler, a shady boxing promoter. Frank offers his home, car, and luxury boat as collateral, but they fall short on value. Spangler forces him to sweeten the deal... with his beautiful wife, Gail. 10,000 words

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Feminized by the Warden

When Justin Reed is falsely imprisoned on a weapons charge he tries to settle in and survive. Transferred to a private, for profit facility, he gets the shock of his life. “You’re going to serve us for the next ten years, as our maid and personal servant,” Cassandra Reed said. “We both favor the service of feminine males.” The air rushed out of Justin’s lungs as Cassandra’s dagger eyes bore into him, and Dane Reed secured his ankles to a spreader bar. He spread gel on Justin’s legs and turned on what looked like a fancy electric razor. The razor jerked out his sparse leg hairs with each stroke.
“Ah, oh, that hurts, please stop.”
“It’s an epilator you’ll get used to it.” Reed quickly did both legs and turned the epilator off. He ran water in the sink and brought over a basin and a washcloth. He seemed perfectly at ease handling another man’s body, a man who was totally at his mercy. Makeup and feminine clothing force Justin further from masculinity. As Justin’s hips and bottom begin to plump and his face becomes thinner and more feminine, he begins to see tall, masculine Dane Reed as more than a jailer. About 16,000 words. Available at Amazon, and other online book stores.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The G-Woman's Pet

Special Agent Bernadette LaRock is used to getting her way. Tall, smart, and beautiful, men are helpless to resist her. Budget analyst Rob Finch is a stickler for the rules when it comes to the public’s money. Financial rules are rules to follow, until Bernadette needs travel advances for her task force within a week. Rob breaks all the rules and pushes them through. Bernadette shows her appreciation during a business lunch that turns into tryst, then a dinner out becomes a night together. Rob is floored when she introduces her submissive husband and explains that chastity is a key element of their open marriage. Rob shakes off his warning: “I started out like you; infatuated, swept off my feet. It’s not too late for you,” and continues to see Bernadette. The changes in their relationship are subtle, Rob finds himself being drawn into her web, and agrees to allow her to control his orgasms. As Rob’s world is turned upside down the husband’s warning thunders in Rob’s ears. A 15,000 word novella about female domination, male submission, and male chastity.